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quick frozen berries
on its' warehouse
in Dnipro city.
We buy fresh and quick frozen berries.

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Our advantages

High quality products
Our company highly values food safety. That's why our products are manufactured of high quality raw material and their storage conditions and hygiene comply with standards. Quality of products is confirmed by Analysis Certificates provided by PE "Dneprstandartmetrologiya".

✓Quick-frozen raspberries Extra class -52 UAN/kg, VAT included
(in stock 7300 kg)
✓Quick-frozen raspberries B class -42 UAN/kg, VAT included
(in stock 9760 kg)
 (Prices are as of 16.12.2016, at warehouse in Dnipro city)

Our managers will answer all your questions promptly and competently.

What do we buy

We plan to buy fresh strawberries and raspberries in unbounded numbers from all over the territory of Ukraine in 2017.
Please, contact our purchase managers for detailed information.

Svetlana Frolova
tel. +38(056)770-03-51, (050) 342-67-74
E-mail: frolova@office1.dp.ua

Aleksandr Vasilenko
tel. +38(056)770-03-51, (067) 564-66-93

What do we offer

Our company offers quick-frozen Raspberries (harvest 2016) of three different classes: Extra class, B class and Grits.
Berries are located at our warehouse in Dnipro city. Product is packed in carton boxes with polyethylene liners, and paper bags. Quality of these frozen raspberries is confirmed by Analysis Certificates provided by PE "Dneprstandartmetrologiya"
Please contact our sales managers for detailed information.

Ivan Kononiuk
tel. +38(056) 756-91-08, +38(066) 950-18-64
E-mail: kononyuk_io@office1.dp.ua

Maxim Kononiuk
tel. +38(056) 756-91-08, +38(097) 977-34-90
E-mail: kononyukm@office1.dp.ua

Processing of fresh berries,
fruits and vegetables

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We are located:
Dnipro city, Ukraine
28A Olesya Gonchara st.
Email: unicon@office1.dp.ua
Tel:+38(056)-770-03-51, 770-03-48

Contact us:

Dnipro city                                  Email: unicon@office1.dp.ua                     Tel: +38(056)-770-03-16