Passenger compartment wagon, design 61-4179, with an air-conditioning installation

Passenger compartment car of 61-4179 type is designed to carry passengers within a train by trunk-railways with 1520 mm gauge under moderate climate conditions.

Car of 61-4179 type (manufacturing launched in 1998) is created upon base of 61-820 (years of manufacturing 1990-1998) by improving of technical features and design, what allowed to increase comfort level for passengers and service crew, and to fully comply to all the norms of health and fire safety requirements.

Main features of 61-4179 car are : roof type mono-block air-conditioning system, independent electrical supply system of 32 kW. The car may be equipped with ecologically clean toilets according to customer's orders.

Overall sizes (according to standard 9238)
      - body 1-ВМ
      -bogie 02-ВМ
Gauge, mm 1520
Car's length within axes of automatic couplings, mm 24537
Truck centers, mm 17000
External width of the car(w/o flutes), mm 3105
Automatic couplings СА-3
Distance between automatic couplings axes and railheads, mm 1060
Brakes Pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, manual
Tare weight of the car, mt 56.7
Number of seats for guard 2
Number of sleeping seats for passengers: 36
Operating speed, km/h 160

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